Q:  Why is this important to me?
A:  The lakes of Rabun County and the surrounding land is one of the area’s most valuable resources.  It is our goal to ensure that any development, while inevitable, is considered with preservation of our resources in mind.

Q:  But isn’t development good for the region?
A:  Meaningful development should be something that considers the impact on society and the environment.  Any commercial project in the Lakes Region of Rabun County should contribute to the health and structure of the community and not be focused solely on profits.

Q:  But growth and development is inevitable so why fight it?
A:  We believe that the decisions that are made today will impact our communities for generations.  We have a responsibility to consider what we are leaving behind for future generations.

Q:  Why can’t you work with the County administrators on this goal?
A:  Simply put, we tried.  When it was discovered that a plan had been approved by the zoning commission to convert a 5 acre tract near Murray Cove on Lake Burton from Agricultural to Commercial Zoning, a number of us attended a commissioner’s meeting to voice our objections.  Rather than consider our objections, we were dismissed and disregarded.

Q:  How are you spending the donations?
A:  When we decided to file our legal objection to the Commissioners’ decision, we retained an attorney from Clayton to help.  The cost to retain his services was significant and there was also a requirement to file a cash bond to the Superior Court to protect against a frivolous complaint.  Your donations will help us to pay for these costs and for future costs to defend against similar attempts.